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Patient Communication

Connecting Patients to their care team and care plan through connected devices,  messaging, and discharge transition support. Activating patients and family as team members through education, information, entertainment, and surveys.

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Team Engagement

Sharing the right data, with the right people, at the right time, in the workflows and on the devices they already use. Team success centers around knowledge transfer via notifications, EHR integration, decision support, workflow tools, and metric monitoring.

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Moving towards managed health

A new way of managing wellness

Healthcare is changing: Value-based purchasing will become the dominant reimbursement model over the next few years; risk-sharing is becoming prevalent; data transparency is the norm; and patients will be cared for by an integrated team, that includes the patient. Shifts toward population management demand providers and patients across the inpatient and outpatient spectrum function as an integral unit. This requires a new way of managing wellness, not just illness, and new tools are required to make that possible.

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