The Adelante Platform

A collection of software solutions to engage patients, capture meaningful data, and drive team collaboration.


The PRIMEtab patient tablet for bedside allows the greatest content interaction, data gathering, education experience, a discrete media consumption. With educational content, on-demand and proactive surveying, entertainment, hospital and care team information, the tablet is a versatile addition to any care environment.


Empowering meaningful patient engagement at the footboard with our partner company TVR Communication and their Best in Klas pCare Interactive Patient System. With PRIMEtv the pCare system becomes an EHR connected TV allowing dynamic patient specific experiences to proactively encourage learning and feedback.


Our advanced discharge wizard helps patients complete necessary risk assessments, educational requirements, and feedback surveys to augment administrational effort. PRIMEdischarge is a tool for Nurses and Care Managers to speed up workflows, empower greater understanding, and automate data storage for meaningful use and other requirements.


Real-time metrics allow monitoring of the platform to enable decisions that improve workflows, identify opportunities for cost controls, alert interactions critical to satisfaction, and empower care teams to understand patient engagement with digital tools. Easy to understand metrics allow quick decisions to improve configurations and see results immediately.


Enabling care teams to select and customize workflows leveraging the platform to empower patients and providers with strategic data, information, education, surveys, notifications, and more. PRIMEflows is a workflow wizard to build workflows with complex logic in a simple way, then track the performance overtime and make adjustments.


The central nervous system for the platform is a collection of robust and secure services running within a network data center on hosted or installed hardware. PRIMEcore enables real-time EHR integration, supports the platform products, facilitates interactions and monitoring, and powers the proprietary logic framework that enables our workflows to bring the right information to the right people at the right time.

Reach Your Patient Management Goals

The Adelante Platform enables a unique interactive care experience with real-time clinical data,
engageing the care team in all care settings to empower meaningful interactions.

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